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Introducing GE LOGIQ Fortis—
the next generation of LOGIQ ultrasound technology.

LOGIQ Fortis—the LOGIQ platform’s newest member—provides a multi-purpose, all-in-one, ultra-secure ultrasound solution that can be easily scaled to fit your specific needs.

Clinical Images

The Logiq Fortis is a  powerfully streamlined, next-generation ultrasound solution

AI productivity tools

Use the power of AI to improve productivity and enhance clinical confidence

Advanced quantification simplifies patient management

Robust tools, such as 2D Shear Wave Elastography and Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP), help reduce the need for invasive procedures and help provide valuable information for patient management decisions.

cSound™ Architecture facilitates next-generation imaging  

LOGIQ Fortis features cSound Architecture, which combines versatile XDclear™ probes, cSound Imageformer and new, advanced Speckled Reduction Imaging (SRI) technology.

The result is increased processing power
that delivers enhanced data throughput for exceptional image quality, clarity and confidence. 

Simplified Ultrasound Workflow – Features To Enhance Productivity

Automated Measurements

Improve speed, ease and comfort with artificial intelligence tools that allow users to achieve exceptional image quality.

Scan on Battery


Scan on Battery gives you the ability to conduct exams and procedures anywhere while EZ Imaging reduces keystrokes.

LOGIQ apps make remote usage possible—and simple

A variety of apps for mobile devices add next-level context with photos and enable users to control LOGIQ Fortis remotely. The result is an optimized ergonomic experience for you and your patients.

LOGIQ Fortis helps clinicians streamline their workflow, ensure accurate results, and enhance patient comfort. 

Your investment: MAXIMIZED

When you purchase an ultrasound system, it’s not just an investment for your facility—it’s also an investment in your clinicians and patients.

With LOGIQ Fortis, you’ll be able to maximize that investment for everyone. Because it’s easily scaled to meet the evolving needs of today and tomorrow, you’ll be able to depend on LOGIQ Fortis for years to come.

And, because it can be used for a wide variety of exams and procedures on any body type, the need to purchase multiple ultrasound systems for different requirements is eliminated. LOGIQ Fortis is the all-in-one ultrasound system that delivers a one-of-a-kind solution.

Logiq Fortis.jpg
The A to A digital platform enhances the intelligence of the LOGIQ Fortis

From Awareness to Assistance, our A to A digital platform allows your organization to stay at the forefront of clinical imaging. It’s specifically engineered so you can add next-generation capabilities to LOGIQ Fortis in the years ahead.

Lifecycle solutions for where you are today—and where you will be tomorrow

The advanced digital support features of LOGIQ Fortis make it easy to optimize your ownership experience. From InSite ™ remote support, to iCenter ™ performance analytics, to AVURI remote device management, you’ll have access to the tools you’ll need to optimize your assets, streamline your operations, and to ensure you’re prepared to meet your facility’s evolving needs.

SonoDefense Data Security Protection guards your investment 24/7

With its multi-layer approach to cybersecurity and data privacy protection, SonoDefense protects LOGIQ Fortis from cyberthreats and unauthorized access around the clock. Your investment is secured— and so is your confidence.



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