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7 Ways the New Ge Logiq P9 XDclear Ultrasound Will Revolutionize Your Practice

Logiq P9 Ultrasound
Logiq P9 Ultrasound

The new GE Logiq P9 XDclear Ultrasound Machine is set to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals conduct ultrasound diagnostic exams and ultrasound-guided procedures. The device combines the advantages of both traditional and digital imaging in one unit, which is why it’s been dubbed as the hybrid sonograph. It also features a unique XDclear mode with 7X higher resolution than other ultrasound machines, which makes it perfect for use in clinical settings where every millimeter counts. If you want to know more about how this device will change your practice, read on!

Photo Assistant

You can take pictures of relevant anatomy, like ulcerations or swelling, on an Android™ device and include those photos in the clinical images report for documentation and comparison after a procedure. This can be helpful in order to monitor the healing process or to compare results over time.

GE XDClear Technology

GE's ultrasound technology is always being updated and upgraded, usually with the goal of improving image clarity. XDClear is GE's best transducer technology enhancement to date. Its architecture produces a more powerful, pure, and efficient sound wave with a wider bandwidth than traditional GE transducer technology, resulting in much better deep penetration, sensitivity, and resolution. This makes it effective for use on a wide range of patients.

Ergonomic And Adaptable

Adjust system to fit most user needs and exams

  • Touch control for easy parameter adjustment

  • Multiple USB ports

  • Adjustable monitor

  • Front and rear handles

  • Four active probe ports

  • Gel warmer

  • Storage shelf

  • Easy to transport

Remote Control

The LOGIQ Smart App allows you to operate the system from a tablet or phone, which can help you to work faster and more efficiently. Remote Control is especially useful in interventional procedures, as it can help to improve the efficiency and the patient’s experience.

Ultrasound-Guided Attenuation Parameter (UGAP)

The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is growing worldwide with the increase in obesity. This real-time, image-guided method measures fatty content in liver tissue—a valuable metric in NAFLD assessments.

Raw Data Processing

The original acoustic data are stored in a GE Healthcare "raw" format before being scan converted. This makes it so that the data can be easily accessed and re-processed at any time after the exam is completed.

One Probe for All Scans

Experience clear images on a range of patients, from adult to pediatric, with a variety of linear, curved and cardiac probes available to support procedural needs.

L4-20t-RS XDclear™, ultra-wide band probe supports high-frequency imaging of superficial structures while also being able to penetrate deeper anatomy without compromising imaging quality.

This lightweight probe features a longer cable so you can easily reach across the bed or patient when performing needle procedures.

With our button probes, you can perform procedures while controlling multiple parameters of the system from the probe without breaking the sterile field. Needle procedures that once required two people can now be done with one.

If interested in learning more about the new Logiq P9 XDClear, please download a brochure below or contact us above and schedule a personalized online demonstration.



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