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GE Versana Balance Ultrasound: Why Every Private Medical Office Will Have One

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Dubai - 29 September 2022 - GE Healthcare introduces the Versana Balance V2, an affordable easy-to-use ultrasound system that brings advanced capabilities to a range of physicians. From obstetrics and gynecology to general practitioners and family practice physicians, the Versana Balance offers an imaging system that enables clinicians to confidently deliver the next level of care to their patients.

“Ultrasound is now an essential part of the diagnostic tool kit in general practice. It’s great for quickly determining whether a patient is suffering from a particular illness or a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately in the hospital,” says Dr. Tobias Albrecht, a general practitioner in Germany. “The Versana Balance ultrasound system’s image quality is outstanding. The supplementary functions are very good, and the system continually produced excellent images.”

“Versana Balance is suited for physicians who want to incorporate ultrasound into their practice or want to move up from their existing aging ultrasound system,” said Jeffrey Parker, Standard Ultrasound. “It offers sophisticated imaging features backed by comprehensive service and support, including flexible short term rental options at as low as $500 per month through GE Healthcare Channel Partners.”

With today’s increasing patient volumes and need for care around the world, Versana Balance helps adapt to new challenges balancing capability, affordability, and quality.

Versana Balance V2 Ultrasound: What is New


Powered by AI, Whizz Label* automatically labels the liver, gallbladder, and right kidney on ultrasound images during abdomen scans of the RUQ (Right Upper Quadrant), helping to save time and enhance workflow productivity for Versana Balance users.


• The AI algorithm distinguishes each RUQ organ based on their individual echo characteristics

• After the Freeze button is activated, then RUQ organ labels appear on the ultrasound image


• Whizz Label decreases the time spent manually annotating RUQ organs for experienced ultrasound users

• Abdomen Scan Coach protocol shows a reference image beside the live image during scanning to help acquire the desired scan plane, serving as a valuable reference tool for less experienced ultrasound users

Loaded With Applications

Versana Balance combines many useful features found in the company's other ultrasound brands and product lines, including:

  • Auto IMT - automatically measures IMT of the carotid artery

  • B flow - displays detailed blood flow in B mode

  • Needle Recognition -makes it easier to see the puncture needle, etc.

  • IMT (Intima Media Thickness) Measurement of carotid artery IMT is regarded as an important index of arteriosclerosis.

  • Easy e-delivery of software updates

  • E-IFU (electronic user manuals) for convenient access to product information

  • Probe Check evaluates probe element performance, facilitating system maintenance Reach new levels of clinical excellence

  • Enhanced 3D/4D performance with V-Live

  • Define structure borders clearly with CrossXBeam™ and SRI-HD

  • Observe and analyze blood flow for possible vessel-wall irregularities, stenosis and more with color doppler and B-Flow

  • Evaluate vessel flow direction without aliasing using power Doppler

  • Map the elastic properties and stiffness of soft tissue with strain Elastography

  • Extend views with panoramic imaging using LOGIQ™ View

The Versana Balance is not available in all countries. It is cleared and commercially available in the USA exclusively through GE Healthcare Channel Partners. Please contact your local Standard Ultrasound Inc sales representative for detailed information.



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