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New Voluson: A "Swift" Change for Portable 3D4D Ultrasound

November 11, 2022

GE Healthcare Launches Global Simultaneous Global Release of Voluson SWIFT, a New Product from the Voluson Series Ultrasound Imaging System for Obstetrics and Gynecology

GE Healthcare Co., Ltd, a healthcare company working to solve medical issues, has launched a new mobile 3d4d ultrasound. This new series of ultrasound imaging diagnostic equipment is designed for those who need a 3D4D portable ultrasound system at a reasonable price. The latest model “Voluson SWIFT” is being released simultaneously worldwide.

Since 2002, when GE Healthcare launched sales of the Voluson series of ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems for obstetrics and gynecology, we have strived to improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical care in the perinatal and obstetrics and gynecology fields, and in turn, improve the efficiency of doctors. We have helped reduce the burden. In recent years, the shortage of doctors in United States has become a serious problem. The new product "Voluson SWIFT" is designed to respond to the needs of doctors who are on the front line of medical care every day, respond to the evolution of technology and changes in the environment in the medical field, and provide the functions that are most needed. It is the latest model that aggregates only the design. In addition, its compact size and built-in battery make it possible to respond to various usage scenes in obstetrics and gynecology from transvaginal ultrasound to transabdominal ultrasound. Furthermore, by installing automatic functions and intelligent advanced functions, it is possible to shorten the time while maintaining the accuracy of the inspection. While inheriting the Voluson quality that has been cultivated so far, it is a new-generation ultrasound diagnostic imaging system that easily exceeds the concept of the conventional Voluson series. [Features of "Voluson SWIFT"] 1) Simplicity - Makes ultrasound examinations simpler ■ Next-generation user interface with hard keys and touch monitor ■ High image quality with Voluson Core Architecture 2) Adaptability - Easier to use according to the examiner ■ Compact design that fits in the internal examination room, flexible design Clinical package tailored to the application 3) Efficiency-More efficient operation and device management during examination ■ Equipped with "Sono Automation Technology", an automatic function that makes examinations more efficient. ■ Equipped with the new-generation application "SonoLyst" with the latest functions for the first time With the launch of Voluson SWIFT, we will protect the growth of the fetus, reduce the burden on expectant mothers and obstetricians and gynecologists, and contribute to the realization of a happy future for women.

(1) Simplicity​

■Next-generation user interface with hard keys and touch monitor Carefully selected hard keys and an 18.5-inch touch monitor provide smoother operability while maintaining conventional operability. ・About 70% less hard keys than conventional products (78% less than Voluson S6, 72% less than Voluson P8) ・Intuitive operation possible with touch monitor High image quality with Voluson Core Architecture Voluson series premium machine, E10 Technology ported the common platform "Voluson Core Architecture". The outstanding image quality supports highly accurate diagnostic imaging.

(2) Adaptability

■Compact and flexible design that fits in an internal examination room Designed in a compact size suitable for internal examination rooms in The United States, which are narrower than those in Europe and the United States. The height and angle can be adjusted according to the examination position, and the position of the probe connector is placed at the top to realize a design that prevents the cable from sticking to the floor with consideration for cable management.

■Clinical package tailored to the application In order to allow quick access to the necessary functions, we have carefully selected the functions required according to the usage scene and packaged them just enough. There are four main option categories: obstetrics and gynecology internal examination room, reproductive medicine, obstetrics examination room, and delivery room. "Uterine Trace" Achieves rendering of 3D uterine frontal cross-sectional images in 3 steps from 2D uterine sagittal cross-section. (How to operate) ①Select Uterine Trace preset

②Trace the uterine lining with your finger

③Automatically collect images and display the forehead cross-section "HDlive" Realistic 3D/4D surface images as if they were accurately reproduced

(3) Efficiency - More efficient operation and equipment management during examination

■ Equipped with "Sono Automation Technology", an automatic function that makes examinations more efficient Various automatic functions are installed to make examinations more efficient and allow you to spend more time communicating with patients. We support the accuracy and efficiency of inspections.

■ New generation application "SonoLyst" with the latest function is installed for the first time The latest function "SonoLyst" for automatically recognizing 20 types of basic cross-sections conforming to the mid-pregnancy ISUOG guidelines is installed for the first time. The device automatically recognizes which part of the cross section the examiner freezes according to the reference cross section of the guideline and proposes it to the examiner. If the examiner accepts it, it is saved as a checked item. In addition to contributing to the improvement of the workflow for mid-pregnancy fetal screening, it is also expected to be used as an educational tool.

Interested in learning more about the Voluson Swift? Click below to schedule a free personalized online product introduction with one of our Clinical Specialist. Our Clinical Specialist will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the product as well as provide you with additional information. At Standard Ultrasound, we specialize in providing an easy no pressure experience for our customers. Our number one priority is making sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase. Standard Ultrasound is an exclusive GE Healthcare Channel Partner providing new GE Ultrasounds at prices that meet the needs of the 21st century private office medical practice.



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