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The Vivid* iq Premium System combines the proven high performance of the Vivid product line with a new and innovative portable laptop design. The Vivid iq Premium System is a comprehensive digital cardiovascular and shared service ultrasound system, with support for the following 2D clinical applications: cardiac, transesophageal, intraoperative, intracardiac, peripheral vascular, adult cephalic, neonatal cephalic, musculoskeletal conventional, musculoskeletal superficial, transcranial and transvaginal applications.


The Vivid iq Premium System excels in the following areas:

  • Exceptional image quality on the Vivid iq Premium v202 System is created through the use of Ultra Definition Clarity filtering
  • HD Imaging (balanced resolution, penetration and image uniformity)
  • coded harmonics
  • elevation compound imaging (considering a wider slice for 2D imaging with the 6VT probe) and virtual apex (wide field of view).

The combination of the full touch screen control with a conventional user control panel provides intuitive controls, helping the operator maintain focus on the patient and the ultrasound images during the exam.Auto optimization technology assists the operator in obtaining excellent image quality with minimal manipulation of controls. Automated tools such as 2D Auto EF, (purchasable option) AFI Productivity Package (purchasable option), Cardiac Auto Doppler and Scan Assist Pro also enhance operator ease of use. Ergonomic features include continuous viewing angle adjustment for the LCD monitor and innovative TrackPad design to provide efficient, intuitive user input. Innovative cart design provides continuous height adjustment for standing or sitting use, easy System lock/unlock from cart, a multi-probe connection port (purchasable option) and a charging station for multiple batteries (purchasable option). The Vivid iq cart is a purchasable option.


The Vivid iq Premium System Package includes:

  • Vivid iq Premium v202 System
  • DICOM** Connectivity Package
  • Scan Assist Pro
  • EchoPAC*/Patient Archive-Report/Report Designer/Statement Engine/Normal Values/E-Sign-off Communication
  • AMM
  • CAMM
  • Logiq View
  • Advanced Vascular (BFlow, BFI, Angio)
  • TVI/TT
  • IMT
  • ATO
  • ASO
  • Compound
  • Write Zoom
  • Virtual Apex
  • Virtual convex
  • UD Clarity/Speckle Red.
  • TEE interface
  • DICOM® Media
  • Cardiac Auto Doppler
  • 6VT Multiplane 
  • Embedded DICOM viewer on media 
  • Advanced QScan 
  • Q-Analysis 
  • AFI (Automated Functional Imaging)
  • Smart Stress 
  • 2D Auto EF 
  • LVO Contrast
  • ICE Probe Interface Module 
  • CartoSound*** interface 

GE Vivid IQ Premium

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