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Venue Fit

A simple, fast and precise way to assess a patient’s medical status at the point of care, meet Venue Fit, the newest member of the Venue Family of point of care ultrasound systems. Designed to fit your practice, fit your space and fit your needs, Venue Fit is streamlined yet powerful. A small but efficient point of care ultrasound system with features you have come to know and love from the Venue Family.


Venue Fit Features

Made for Your Point of Care. 

Inspired by the needs of physicians, Venue Fit, was developed specifically for point of care medicine. No two patients are the same, nor are the needs of physicians whose practices range from Anesthesia to MSK. Built for a wide range of environments, its smaller footprint and increased portability makes Venue Fit a flexible solution for your point of care needs. 

Reduce keystrokes 

Reduce keystrokes Up to 80% | eFAST Diagram 

Assess and document patient status, from internal bleeding to pneumothorax, aligned to the eFAST protocol. 

reduce keystrokes.webp
venue fit renal.jpg

Renal Diagram

Tap and Select Findings | Renal Diagram 


Simplify documentation and provide easy follow up for patients with suspected hydronephrosis. No need to manually type findings, simply tap the appropriate label that corresponds to your image. 

Lung Diagram

LUSS in one view | Lung Diagram 

A single view diagram of anatomical lung segments with one click image storing. Keeps track of your segmental lung assessment and can be helpful in showing trends in response to therapy. 

venue fit lung scan.jpg
venue fit img.png

Training solutions 

Our portfolio of training for clinical and technical users, helps build customized development plans to foster excellence and increased confidence. 

Improved uptime 

Excellent repair services to drive uptime. Fully scalable from full coverage to shared maintenance. Thoroughly aligned with your own in-house capabilities, providing the right balance between staff autonomy and our expertise. 

Proactive monitoring 

Use digital technology and tools to minimize expensive and disruptive unplanned downtime. Reduce cost and revenue loss from unplanned failures and receive updates for peace of mind. 

Device protection 

Keep your device up-to-date with updates, new applications and security patches. Optimize your device to drive clinical and operational benefits and help you stay ahead of the game, without changing your equipment. 

Probe performance 

Customizable portfolio of solutions for probe lifecycle needs to improve availability and performance. Proactive probe care to help you increase diagnostic quality, decrease cross-contamination risk and expand the life span of the transducers. 

Asset optimization 

Customizable dashboards for asset utilization. Achieve more with your assets to improve patient care and realize department strategic plans.


GE Venue Fit Transducers

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