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Versana Essential

Download Versana Essential Brochure
The Versana Essential ultrasound system helps you provide world-class care with no compromise on quality. This simple, effective system has broad applicability and is a great fit for private clinics, General Practitioner (GP) offices and shared service environments as it is affordable and enables comprehensive scanning capability with image quality that ranks with the best in its class. 
  • Scan Assistant
  • Whizz Dynamic Imaging Tuning
  • SonoBiometry
  • Whizz Color FLow
  • Auto IMT
  • Scan Coach
  • Upload images & reports to cloud or PACS

Key Features of the Versana Essential

Optimize images while scanning with Whizz Dynamic Image Tuning
Auto Bladder lets you  easily calculate bladder volume, including residual urine volume
Upload images and reports to the Tricefy™ Cloud*** or network storage (EMR, PACS) for consultation or sharing with patients
Enhance or suppress the color flow signal with Whizz Color Flow 
Evaluate heart segment function with Auto Ejection Fraction and Stress Echo support
Obtain desired scan  plane with reference tool  Scan Coach
Measure intima-media thickness with Auto IMT 
Create custom exam protocols and standardized workflows with Scan Assistant



Flexible Monitor


Large 21.5" LCD display*

Front-facing probe connectors for easy access

Ergonomics: Small footprint. Lightweight. Front and rear handles for easy maneuvering

Connectivity: VGA, HDMI, USB, ethernet, Wireless and Bluetooth






Gel holder

Multiple probe holders

360 degree directional wheels. Easy lock and release mechanism


Versana Essential Probes.jpg


The expanded probe family includes:

• E8C-RS – micro convex endocavity probe for penetration and resolution

• E8Cs-RS – micro convex endocavity probe with wide field of view

• 3Sc-RS – phased array sector probe for penetration with abdominal and cardiac imaging

• 6S-RS – wide band sector array probe for resolution with pediatric cardiac imaging

• RAB2-6-RS – curved array 3D/4D probe for resolution with OB imaging

• 12S-RS – high frequency sector probe for resolution with cardiac, vascular and pediatric imaging

• 4C-RS – wide band convex array probe for near-field resolution and detail definition with abdominal, OB/GYN and pediatric imaging

• L6-12-RS – linear array probe for resolution with superficial imaging

• 8C-RS – micro convex probe for detailed pediatrics and neonatal imaging

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