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Vivid™ iq R6
Ultra Edition

This sleek, ultra portable, ergonomically designed system enables you to take exceptional 2D and 4D images where you need them. Also on board are the new user experience and AI tools for speed, productivity and reproducibility in heart and lung assessments. The Vivid iq Ultra Edition is your perfect companion around the hospital, the medical offices or into the community.  

GE Vivid IQ Ultrasound

Modern Ergonomics

With Innovation, New Possibilities Emerge

GE Vivid IQ Ultrasound

You don’t have to sacrifice exceptional image quality for the convenience of a compact system. Wherever you and your patients need it, Vivid iq R6 Ultra (Newly Released) delivers premium image quality for cardiac care, including quantification tools like 2D Auto EF, TVI, and shared services. 

The Vivid iq Ultra Edition introduces new AI-based technology to help reduce tedious tasks and improve workflow. With the AI Auto Measure-2D feature, inter-observer variability may be reduced compared with manual measurements. 

Vivid iq cardiac exam 2 16139_Rocket GE-32090LR.jpg

Echo Lab

Auto Measure 2D

​With the power of AI, the manual caliper measurements can be completed with 3 clicks: Freeze-Measure-Auto.  

A full set of reproductible measurements will instantly appear on the screen.  

Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition

With the power of AI, a wide range of Doppler measurements can be completed with 2 clicks, Freeze-Measure-Auto.  

A Doppler trace and full set of associated measurements will instantly appear on the screen. 


vivid iq.png

HD Color

​4D color flow rendering technique for semi-transparent visualization of origin and size of high velocity jets.  


Speed and versatility are needed for your pediatric echo exams. The Vivid iq Ultra Edition delivers high image quality with dedicated presets and advanced quantification tools, enabling precise measurements for your patients – big or small.


Great image quality, with east and intuitive Intracardiac echo (ICE) touch user interface for your 2D ultrasound-guided ablation and structural heart procedures.  

Pediatric Imaging

​Visualize small anatomies with speed, clarity, and confidence, even with the smallest patients,  

Clearly visualize small anatomical structures with Vivid iq Ultra Edition’s superb high-resolution imaging and dedicated pediatric probes.

Beyond Cardiology

​Demand for multi-purpose, cost efficient ultrasound systems with uncompromised image quality is growing. Your portable Vivid iq Ultra Edition will exceed your expectations across a wide range of applications.

Vascular Quantification

Develop fast and complete quantitative assessment of vascular anatomies, such as the Intima Media Thickness with dedicated vascular measurement tools.  

Abdomen Diagnosis

Visualize tissues and flow patters with impressive details thanks to Vivid iq Ultra Edition’s high-resolution imaging.  

Vivid iq on cart facing forward cardiac 16196-RCge-33749.jpg

Bedside Assessment for Covid-19 patients

Use the Vivid iq Ultra Edition to assess heart and lung functionality in COVID-19 patients. Uncompromised heart visualization, advanced quantification tools and AI-based automated workflows enable rapid assessment even by nonspecialized operators. 

Learn more about innovations for your bedside assessments. 

Lung Assessment

​Bedside lung assessment is made easier with dedicated FAST and lung presets that help to quickly optimize images. 


Right Ventricle Global Strain (RVGLS) is an objective and accurate marker that is strongly correlated with RV ejection fraction 3. 

It has good prognostic power in many clinical studies. 

User Experience Excellence

​Your well-being is our top priority and we share your goal to reduce work related musculoskeletal disorders. The Vivid iq Ultra Edition offers a new level of user experience with an updated touch user interface for both left and right-hand users, new trackpad functionality and an ergonomic wrist-rest accessory to enable fast scanning and much needed ergonomic support. 


New 2-finger trackpad gestures to control Gain and Depth allow you to keep your hand rested and minimize reach to the touch screen. 


​"Hold & Go" image optimization controls allow you to maintain eye contact with the image. 


The Vivid Heart applications portfolio continues to expand to help you elevate your patient care. AI and other innovations help you work more efficiently and quickly for Visualization and Navigation, Flow Quantification, Valve Quantification, Chamber Quantification and AFI Functional Imaging.



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