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Vivid S70N – Ultra Edition

Ultra Fast. Ultra Precise. Ultra Efficient.

Demand for cardiovascular ultrasound examinations is high and now consists of a mix of routine, follow-up, and complex cases. The use of advanced treatment techniques requires high levels of additional time and specialized expertise - often resulting in delays and increased workload. 

We want to maximize your efficiency with our systems and help you visualize more, achieve accurate measurements more easily and minimize errors. 


Take advantage of the cSound imaging platform. 

We have taken the exceptional processing capability of our cSound™ software beamformer to a whole new level by leveraging artificial intelligence based on GE Healthcare's Edison™ platform. 


Maximize your clinical confidence. 

Advanced quantification tools help you analyze complex issues. Achieve reproducible results with advanced cardiac function and valve anatomy quantification features. 

Clinical Specialties


Echo Lab

Auto Measure 2D

With the power of Ai, the manual caliper measurements can be completed with 3 clicks: Freeze-Measure-Auto. A full set of reproductible measurements will instantly appear on the screen. 

Auto Measure Spectrum Recognition

With the power of AI, a wide range of Doppler measurements can be completed with 2 clicks: Freeze-Meausre. A Doppler trace and full set of associated measurements will instantly appear on the screen.  



4D Color

​HD color is a 4D color flow rendering technique for volumetric flow perception and semi-transparent visualization or origin and size of high velocity jets.


4D Markers

Make annotations that are viewable from all angles on 4D ultrasound volume data sets and their 2D views, facilitating communication in the echo lab, cath lab and operating room. 


Pediatric Imaging

​Visualize small anatomies with speed, clarity and confidence thanks to Vivid S70N Ultra Edition’s superb high-resolution imaging.  

Dedicated pediatric probes are designed to help visualize small anatomies and enhance clinical confidence.


Beyond Cardiology



Develop fast and complete quantitative assessment of vascular anatomies such as the Intima Media Thickness with dedicated vascular measurement tools. 


Visualize tissues and flow pattern with impressive detail thanks to Vivid S70N Ultra Edition’s high-resolution imaging. 



Speak to an Imaging Specialist.

We're available to answer your questions live from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. To speak with an Imaging Specialist, call 888-271-7395.

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