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Bridge to Budget & Rent To Own

Introducing Standard Ultrasound's Fully Customized Rent-to-Own Program:

The Ultimate Solution for Hospital Budget Freeze or Broken Ultrasound Needs

Discover the ultimate solution to overcome your hospital budget freeze or broken ultrasound needs with Standard Ultrasound's flexible Rent-to-Own and Bridge-to-Budget programs! Our hassle-free financing options ensure a seamless transition to owning essential ultrasound equipment while maximizing your facility's budget.

With our Rent-to-Own Program, every payment you make goes towards ownership, allowing you to gradually acquire the equipment without straining your finances. Say goodbye to expensive upfront costs and experience the freedom of affordable and manageable payments.

Don't let a hospital freeze or a broken ultrasound slow down your operations. Call us today to secure your facility's future and ensure uninterrupted access to vital ultrasound technology.

Rent to Own FAQ

  • What is Standard Ultrasound's Rent to Own or Bridge to Budget Program?​​

    • Standard Ultrasound's Rent to Own or Bridge to Budget Program is a flexible solution designed to address hospital budget freezes and broken ultrasounds. With this program, customers can rent ultrasound equipment while having the option to eventually own it. The program allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to overcome budgetary constraints by providing them with the necessary equipment on a rental basis. All payments made during the rental period contribute towards the eventual ownership of the ultrasound equipment, making it a practical and cost-effective solution.​

  • What are the benefits of rent to own?

    • Flexibility: Rent-to-own programs for ultrasound equipment offer healthcare facilities the flexibility to access the latest ultrasound technology without the immediate financial burden of purchasing. It allows them to adjust their equipment inventory based on patient demand or specific medical requirements.

    • Affordability: Renting to own ultrasound equipment can be a cost-effective solution for healthcare providers. Instead of a large upfront investment, they can allocate their budget towards operational needs while making manageable monthly rental payments. This helps to preserve cash flow and allocate resources more efficiently.

    • Ownership Potential: The rent-to-own model in healthcare enables healthcare facilities to eventually own the ultrasound equipment they have been renting. A portion or all of the rental payments can often be applied towards the purchase price, making it a practical pathway to ownership. This is particularly advantageous for facilities with long-term ultrasound needs or those planning to integrate the equipment permanently into their practice.

  • What is the duration of the rental period?

    • The duration of the rental period for healthcare facilities is flexible to accommodate specific needs.​

  • How are rental payments calculated?

    • Rental payments for the GE Healthcare ultrasound equipment are calculated based on several factors. The duration of the rental period plays a role, as longer rental terms may result in lower monthly payments. Additionally, if there are any eligible trade-ins, the value of the trade-in equipment can be applied towards reducing the rental costs. Furthermore, the type of GE Healthcare ultrasound selected may also influence the rental payment, as different models and features do vary in price. By considering these factors, rental payments are determined to offer healthcare facilities a tailored and cost-effective solution for accessing the necessary ultrasound equipment.​

  • Is there an option to purchase the equipment?

    • Yes, there is an option to purchase the equipment. With the rent-to-own program, all payments made during the rental period are applied towards the purchase of the equipment. This provides healthcare facilities the opportunity to eventually own the ultrasound equipment they have been renting, making it a convenient pathway to ownership. By consistently making rental payments, customers can gradually accumulate equity in the equipment, allowing them to transition from renting to full ownership over time.​

  • What happens if the equipment requires maintenance or repairs?

    • If the ultrasound requires maintenance or repairs, rest assured that as new GE Healthcare ultrasound, it will come with the standard GE warranty. This warranty ensures that any necessary repairs will be covered by GE Healthcare during the warranty period. Additionally, when purchasing equipment from Standard, we provide a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Our goal is to deliver high-quality equipment and provide the necessary support to address any maintenance or repair needs that may arise.​

  • Is there support or technical assistance available?

    • Yes, there is support and technical assistance available. All GE systems under the rent-to-own and bridge-to-budget programs include at least one day of onsite clinical training conducted by a GE Healthcare Clinical Applications Specialist. This ensures that healthcare professionals receive hands-on training and guidance on effectively utilizing the ultrasound equipment. Additionally, customers have access to the GE Healthcare GE Cares support line, which offers remote technical and clinical support. This means that expert assistance is just a phone call away, providing prompt solutions to any technical or clinical inquiries that may arise during the usage of the equipment.​

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