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Versana Balance V2

The new Versana Balance V2 is a low-cost, high-end ultrasound system designed for private offices and comes with a 5-year warranty. The Versana Balance is a powerful ultrasound system for private clinics, GP offices and other primary-care settings.


Versana Premier

The Versana Premier ultrasound system can help you deliver high-quality, personalized care, patient after patient, day after busy day.

Logiq P9

The LOGIQ™ P9 ultrasound system is well suited for the clinical and workflow demands of general imaging.

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Venue Fit

As the premier solution in the Venue Family point of care ultrasound systems, Venue is the simple, fast and precise ultrasound for your point of care. 

Logiq P10

The new LOGIQ P10 XDclear ultrasound system brings you advanced ways to increase everyday efficiency — tools and functions you can customize to your own preferences so exams flow easily, your way.

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Logiq Fortis

The GE LOGIQ Fortis ultrasound is built to help users deliver on the promise of confident care in multiple clinical settings. Small and sleek enough to move to patients across departments and equipped with our most powerful technology, it is GE’s affordable all-in-one solution.

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