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The Versana Premier ultrasound system can help you with quick and confident assessment across a variety of conditions. Patient after patient. Day after day. A wide variety of probes and clinical applications will help you perform both routine and specialty examinations in the following areas: 
  • Internal medicine
  • OB/GYN
  • Cardiac
  • Urological
  • Vascular
  • Musculoskeletal

Versana Premier Fast facts

Urology probe

​Use two transducers with the Versana Premier to see in biplane views with transrectal probe for transperineal procedures. 

Tissue Doppler

Acquire data in the background during regular 2D imaging 

Whizz image tuning

Just touch the Whizz button on your console once. Without pressing it again, Whizz continuously and automatically optimizes the image, even as you move from one organ or structure to another. 


Virtual organ computer-aided analysis. 3D tool that enables volume calculation of eccentrically shaped areas or complex anatomical structures. 

Tricefy Uplink

Send images to the Tricefy cloud wirelessly to share with other clinicians for consultation, or share with patients.**/*** 


** Requires high-speed Wi-fi connectivity and may not be available in every country. 

*** Cloud-based case exchange solution separately provided by Trice Imaging. Customers may try Tricefy via trial period by entering an agreement with Trice Imaging. Trice Imaging bears sole responsibility for the Tricefy Uplink app and Tricefy cloud solution. 

Scan Assistant

​Provide ultrasound sonographers with predefined standardized exam protocols that walk them through all steps of image acquisition, saving keystrokes, reducing stress and fatigue, and maximizing exam consistency. 

Whizz bladder

​Use the AutoBladder function within the Whizz feature to combine optimized ultrasound image quality with automated measurements. 


​Receive suggested caliper placements to perform standardized BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL fetal measurements. 

Insite Technology

​GE advanced remote service technology and remote monitoring diagnostics and repair; instantly connect your ultrasound machine with a GE service expert to resolve many issues remotely on the spot. 

Effective exam follow-up

For follow-up exams, the Follow-up Tool on the Versana Premier automatically identifies the same ultrasound probe, preset, depth, gain and frequency settings as used in the prior scan. The current real-time ultrasound image displays side-by-side with the prior image for easy comparison. 

Needle Recognition

Perform accurate biopsies with technology that clarifies the precise location of the needle point. 

Tissue velocity imaging (TVI)

​Calculates and color-codes the velocities in tissues. 


​Visualize all three image planes within a scan volume in real time on the Versana Premier; especially useful in OB examinations. 3D image rendering and display provide fast reconstruction of anatomical sweeps. 4D provides continuous, high-volume acquisition of 3D images. 4D adds the dimension of movement to a 3D image. 

B-Flow and B-Flow color

B-Flow is intended to provide a more intuitive representation of non-quantitative hemodynamics in vascular structures. 

Voice comments

Connect a microphone, touch a screen icon, and capture hand-free recorded voice comments that are overlaid on images and saved for playback later when reviewing the exam.  

Breast Productivity

Assess breasts while scanning; describe structure characteristics including Bi-Rads in comments that feed directly into the report. Use the Auto Contour feature to easily measure structures. 


Use TruScan raw data in cardiac exams to make an advanced analysis and quantification of left ventricular function. 

Myocardial Doppler

Imaging with color overlay on the tissue image.

Auto EF

Automatically track myocardial tissue deformation and calculate the left ventricular ejection fraction. The system makes the tracings from the apical four-chamber and apical two-chamber views and calculates the ejection fraction. 

Versana Premier Clinical Images



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