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Ultrasound Reimbursements & CPT Codes

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) are numerical codes used to identify various medical procedures. These codes have many purposes but are not limited to: providing a uniform language for coding medical procedure, claims processing, developing guidelines and reporting to private health insurance programs.

There are three CPT code categories:

Category I CPT

Category I CPT codes are used to describe certain procedures or services. These codes are 5-digit numbers and are released annually.

Category II CPT

Category III CPT

CPT Code Management

The CPT editorial Panel, who is authorized by the AMA(American Medical Association), is responsible for updating and modifying coding rules, descriptions and guidelines.

GE Ultrasound Reimbursements

Please see the below links for more information regarding reimbursements and CPT codes for GE Ultrasound machines. These codes can be used for various areas of care but not limited to cardiovascular ultrasound, urology, point of care, sports medicine and women's healthcare. Ultrasound machines that can utilize these can include Vivid T9, Vivid S70, Vivid IQ, Nextgen Logiq e R8, Versana Premier, Versana Active and more.

Ultrasound CPT Codes



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