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GE NextGen Logiq e R7 Portable Ultrasound


The NextGen LOGIQ™ combines the high performance of a console system with the portability of a laptop. GE Healthcare’s compact system is designed for general imaging, musculoskeletal, anesthesiology, interventional, emergency, and critical care applications. It provides ultrasound imaging with precise anatomical detail at a variety of depths. The system's H/W & S/W is fully upgraded so that its image quality, system response time, features, and probes are higher in quality and performance.



• Integrated SSD (128 GB)


– Intel Duo Core i7

• High Resolution 15-inch Color LCD

• Integrated Solid State Drive

• Automatic Optimization

• CrossXBeam

• Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD)

• Virtual Convex/Virtual Apex

• Fine Angle Steer

• HD Zoom (Write Zoom)

• Code Harmonic Imaging (CHI)

• Raw Data Processing

• Quicksave

• InSite EXC capability

• Patient Information Database

• Customizable User Interface

• Full M&A Calculation Package with Real Time Auto Doppler Calculations

• Vascular Calcs

• Cardiac Calcs

• OB Calcs and Tables

• Fetal Trending

• Multi Gestational Calcs

• Musculoskeletal and Hip Dysplasia Calcs

• Rheuma Meas & Calcs

• Gynecological Calcs

• Urological Calcs

• Renal Calcs

• Small Parts Calcs

• Pediatric Meas & Calcs

• Report Writer Package


Compatible Probes:

C1-5-RS [2-5MHz]

4C-RS [2-5.5MHz]


8C-RS [4-10MHz]

9L-RS [3.33-10MHz]

12L-RS [5-13MHz]





6S-RS [2.5-7MHz]

P2D [2MHz]

GE Nextgen Logiq e R7

  • Probes are available upon request. 

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